FTSIG Seminar: Cybersecurity Readiness for the Hong Kong Financial Services Industry

FTSIG organized a seminar of title "Cybersecurity Readiness for the Hong Kong Financial Services Industry" on 26th September 2016, Monday.  Mr. Michael Leung, President of HKCS, delivered opening remarks to the audience. 

We were honored to invite Dr. Duncan Wong, VP Financial Technology at Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), Mr. Micky Lo, Managing Director at BNY Mellon, and Mr. Raymond Tsui and Mr. Adel Akloul, Managers at Sia Partners who sponsored this event. Guest speakers explained regulatory landscape and intelligence services in financial services.  Mr. Leo Tong, Vice Chairperson at FinTech SIG HKCS, was the master of ceremony and chaired a discussion panel of "How should Financial Institutions respond to Technological and Regulatory Changes in Cybersecurity?"  Panel members discussed cyber security threats originating from inside and outside organizations and talent issues of cyber security professionals.

Guests were senior and executive managements from banking groups, asset management firms, listed companies, government bodies, and information security consultancy firms.